To cater for the continuing growth of WILDFIRE, multiple faculties/campuses and the number of clinical students outside Melbourne, we have divided the club into eight subcommittees.

To find out what's going on check the upcoming events page or get in touch with our liaison rep Jack Cookson ( who will be able to put you in touch with your local subcommittee.

Bendigo Subcommittee 2017

Elections open soon!

Position Name
President ???
Secretary ???
Treasurer ???
Promotions ???
Ball Representative ???
Clinical Skills Weekend Coordinator ???

Clayton Subcommittee 2016

Medicine Students

Position Name
Co-President Ashleigh Laird
Co-President Sam Burrell
Secretary Elizabeth Chacko
Treasurer Amy Hatton
Publications Rep Priya Maheson
ATSI Health Rep Taran Giddey
MWOP Emma Gard
MWOP Maaz Khalil

Gippsland Subcommittee 2016

Medicine students

Position Name
President James Davey
Secretary Rachel Van Zetten
Treasurer Michael Zhang
Year A Representative Brigid Pinnuck
Year 3B Representative Fraser Tankel
Year 4C Representative Victor Yang

Mildura Subcommittee 2016

Medicine students

Position Name
President Daniel D'Hotman
Secretary Kate Raine
Treasurer Jeremy Abetz
Promotions Georgia Haines

Parkville Subcommittee 2014

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science students

Position Name
President Mia Ho
Vice-President Bill Nguyen
Secretary Helen Chan
Secretary Daniel Siow
Treasurer Ray Chan

Peninsula Subcommittee 2015

Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedicine, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy students

Elections to be held soon!

Position Name
President ???
President ???
Secretary ???
Promotions Officer ???
Nursing/Midwifery/Paramedicine Representative ???
Physio/OT/Other Representative ???
Physio/OT/Other Representative ???