Wildfire Ordinary General Meeting 2015

Dear Wildfire members,

Wildfire is holding a general meeting on Friday 28th August at the Clayton campus to discuss a number of important changes to Wildfire's constitution. Throughout the course of the meeting current council members will explain the changes to the constitution as well as the creation of a new regulations & by-laws document. You are invited to comment on these items and to participate in a vote to either accept or reject the proposed changes.

The meeting will be held in the S11 lecture theatre in building 25 and proceedings will kick off at 5pm. To make the meeting run as quickly and smoothly as possible please ensure that you have read over the proposed constitution and regulations & by-laws document before attending the meeting. A final agenda will be distributed closer to the meeting date.

It would be fantastic if as many members as possible attend this meeting as we greatly appreciate your feedback in how Wildfire should operate into the future.

Kind regards,

Chris Pring
Wildfire Secretary


The proposed constitution and bylaws can be accessed here

28th of August 2015
5:00pm - 6:00pm
S11 Lecture Theatre, Building 25, Monash University, Clayton Campus