2014 Conferences

The NRHSN has an extensive list of Conferences of National Significance (CoNS) on their website, here

15-16th MARCH – Rural Health West Annual Health Conference & Trade Exhibit
19-21st MARCH – SmaccGOLD
18-21st MAY – Speech Pathology Australia National Conference
23-25th MAY – GPCE (Medicine)
30-31st MAY – RDWA Annual Conference
25-27th AUGUST – 15th International Mental Health Conference
27-28th AUGUST – Council of Ambulance Authoriesis Conference (Paramedics)
15-17th SEPTEMBER – Public Health Association of Australia 43rd Annual
17-20th SEPTEMBER – SARRAH National Conference (Allied Health)
9-11th OCTOBER – GP14 by RACGP (Medicine)
15-18th OCTOBER – CRANAplus Conference
30th OCTOBER – 1st NOVEMBER – RDAA & ACRRM Rural Conference (Medicine)
2-4th NOVEMBER – National Nursing Forum (Nursing)
14-16th NOVEMBER – GPCE (Medicine)

For more information visit http://www.nrhsn.org.au/site/index.cfm?display=39664

22nd – 23rd MARCH – iDEA Conference
25 - 28th MAY – ASMA National Leadership Seminar
18th – 20th JULY – Global Ideas
5- 9th SEPTEMBER – AMSA Global Health Conference