Teddy Bear Hospital 2012

Originally a London based initiative on Thursday 1st and again on the 15th March WILDFIRE laid their claim to the Teddy Bear Hospital and laid claim we did. Essentially WILDFIRE took 25 Medical students from both Monash and Melbourne University to Camp Hill Primary school in Bendigo and ran activities wither the grade 1 and 2 classes to alleviate some of the trepidations they may have and about the medical profession and hospitals.

The day was a success, enjoyed greatly by the students, primary and medical alike. Some of the stations we ran involved showing the kids what happens when you get an X-ray done (with an X-ray of a teddy provided by Bendigo Health), plastering, what asthma is and calling the ambulance and surgery (with a specially designed surgical teddy who had a zip on his front so the kids could open him up and remove the pen he had swallowed). All the kids enjoyed all the stations and loved Dr. Teddy who took time out of his busy day of consulting to pop his head in and see how everyone was going.

With two Teddy Bear Hospitals run already this year and at least two more planned I feel the Teddy Bear Hospital will be something that WILDFIRE will continue to be part of in future years as it a great initiative and I am proud of all involved and urge all those who have even the slightest interest in being part of one to contact me for more information. And for those who aren’t interested just be part of one anyway, I guarantee you will love it or your money back.