The Paddle Prize 2013


Entries for the Wildfire Paddle Prize are now open!

The Paddle Prize is an annual competition run by Wildfire promoting Indigenous health awareness.

The topic for 2013 is: “Indigenous Australian health promotion: breaking barriers and changing perceptions”
It may refer to any community from remote Indigenous communities to the cities of metropolitan Australia.

The winner of the Paddle Prize will be awarded $300!

Submissions can be in the form of poems, stories, short essays or other format you can think of. Pieces need only be 300-500 words. 

They must be submitted by 12th April 2013 to wildfire.atsihealthadvocate@gmail.com with your name and whether you give permission for your submission to be displayed on the night.

The winner will be announced at the Annual Matthew Campbell Memorial Evening 19th April 2013.

Get writing now to be in to win this prize thanks to Work the World.